Month: July 2019

How to make your typing clean

Are you suffering from some bad writing? If so these article Is for you get up and make yourself the best writer. I am here to assure you that after reading this article you will gain more than you have. Take out useless and non-descriptive adjective: Is there anything you want to point out that

How to make your Computer last long

It doesn’t matter if your PC is 1 year old or thereabout, these tips about to give you will ridiculously help your biggest technological tools to last much longer. I always recommend backing up your files in case, but if you follow these tips I’m about to offer you the chances for disaster will greatly

The effect of virus on your computer

Virus is an infection that may causes you thousands of damages and might lead you to a bad condition. For instance you may have save a lot of files that will cost thousands or even millions of dollars and unfortunately the so called virus came from nowhere and circulate into your computer, and then start