How to make your Computer last long

It doesn’t matter if your PC is 1 year old or thereabout, these tips about to give you will ridiculously help your biggest technological tools to last much longer. I always recommend backing up your files in case, but if you follow these tips I’m about to offer you the chances for disaster will greatly decrease

1. Once every 6 month, take an air gun and slot it inside your PC.

Dust and animal fur/dander can destroy a PC. You might have the idea that it takes only 30 volts to electrify your computer so make sure that whenever you open your computer, take an air gun and blow out any dust that exist on the system board and he fans that are on the computer. This will literally lower the temperature of your computer, making it last longer.

2. Making Sure That the PC Is Not On The ground

You are not to place your computer on the ground, mostly on the carpet. You have to place it at least 3 inches above the ground. Many computers that overheat and die were on the floor for years with tons of dust on it. Just put the computer on a chair, stool or a table depending on the type of computer it is, assuming it’s a laptop you can easily lap it. And I assure you that, by doing this the problem would be solved.

3. Know the Kind of Anti-Virus You Installed

I won’t lay much emphasis on this topic. There are so many fake programs out on the internet clamming to be an Anti-Virus program getting rid of problems, they would like to trick you, telling you to click on their fake link, when you know what you already have, and they will never try to trick you. Telling you to do what you don’t want to do.

4. Don’t Try to Take a Meal near Your Computer

The idea of eating and drinking behind your computer is not going to be helpful. Knowing to most people that eating and drinking can short circuit a keyboard, a laptop or anything electronic. That’s why the dining table was created.

5. Keep Your Computer Out of the Reach of Children.

Little children know nothing about computing they can enter an unsecure site and your system will be engaged with virus, which will lead your computer into a dangerous condition. Make sure that you install an internet security to set up your computer.

6. Only add New Software or Hardware from Well Known Sites.

Hardware that cost $10 when the average cost is $50 is trouble written all over it. Faulty hardware can destroy a computer so make sure you know where your programs and hardware are coming from. Pirated software can also mess up your PC with unknown errors and viruses so buy your software from the manufacturer’s website, the store, or your computer man. You may save some cash in the short term, but you will be killing your computer over the life of your purchase.

There are many more ways to extend the life of your computer, and I will point them out in future.

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