The effect of virus on your computer

Virus is an infection that may causes you thousands of damages and might lead you to a bad condition. For instance you may have save a lot of files that will cost thousands or even millions of dollars and unfortunately the so called virus came from nowhere and circulate into your computer, and then start destroying those files if your computer is not backup you will loss all those documents and at the same time all the money you will gain at that point of time ‘’What a sad story’’. But I believe that after reading this article you will have the full knowledge on how to prevent your computer from virus.

Effects of Viruses on your computer

Software is a science that requires expertise, knowledge and extra careful attention. When software is established or produced engineers and writers have to be notified about possible mistakes whereby viruses can occur. Errors occur on the way in any field. It is advice able that whenever we make mistakes we should not hesitate in correcting our mistakes. Errors through which viruses are formed in software writing may be fatal. Virus is otherwise known as bugs which causes total destruction or damages your computer programs or even the whole computer mechanism. Most viruses derive from the mistakes and errors made by software engineers, Writers and designers. Compilers also make virus by giving wrong code.

Software viruses are as much as the dust and they can cause bad effects as to confuse the software writer as well as the users of the program. Some viruses may stay undetected for sometimes but they attempt to create a lot of problem whereas more powerful bugs can lead to denial of access to programs and results are extremely fatal. A virus in code controlling machines in United State of America had caused death to some patients in 1980’s.US $ one billion rocket split into pieces in 1996 on account of a virus in the on board guidance PC program, no sooner than it was launched. There is a study that revealed that software error has cost US economy about US 59 billion dollars annually.


In 1842 the concept of software virus was first introduced to describe mechanical faults of software of computer engineering data that was used by the engineers.

How to prevent your computer from virus.

Viruses are an inadvertent product. When engineers and writers create software, mistakes do happen. Why errors do occurs? They can arise by the oversights made by computer programmers during design, coding and entering data. Misinterpretation of one iota or hyphen may cause a lot of mistakes and may cause failure of program. When converting the abstract design into the selected computer language there can be virus caused error made perhaps without knowledge. They install program into the computer, you might not know and you incidentally type ‘<’ where a’ >’ was intended. Some times more complicated bugs can come from intended interaction between different parts of a computer program. This frequently occur between different part of a computer program can be complex – millions of lines long in some cases – often having been programmed by many people over a great length of time, so that programmers are unable to mentally track every possible way in which part can interact. Verbosity is another factor that can cause viruses due to lengthy and unwanted wording that will end up with unintended result.

Quick action must be taken to eliminate software bugs on detection at first sight. The easy way to locate a bug or a virus is finding a path to reproduce it. On recognizing the virus reproduced. The programmer can use an equipment to monitor working of the program in the area at which it became defective. Methods of preventing programmers or designers failing into inadvertent introduction of software viruses have to be found. These include in the style of programming, technique of programming, language programming, code formation, compiling and the development of software already written. Sometimes locating the bugs affect some part of any program is difficult but when the virus is found it is easy to take steps to eliminate it. Presence of bugs can be prevented or minimize by careful analysis of software programs.

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